The age of chaos, or era of independence and self arbitration, is an "idealized freedom" concept found within the Chaos Legion series, which can be interpreted in several ways. It is notably the life objective of Victor Delacroix and, in the past, of Sieg Wahrheit.

The basic principle behind the utopia that Delacroix was trying to build was that free will was sacred, and no single ruler should dictate the freedoms and limitations of all people. Together with Sieg and Siela, Victor attempted to build his utopia of independence, but his ideals were later perverted by the darkness of Azrail. Blinded by the sorrow and anger of his lover's death and the evil god's influence, the once virtuous successor of the Lacroix church remodeled the concept of the age of chaos.

In his new envision, the true peace and freedom could only come to be when the gateway of chaos was opened, which would cause the three worlds - the celestial world, the middle world and the netherworld - to collapse upon one another, releasing all the spirits, good, bad and neutral, on the same chaotic realm. This new world, born of the destruction of the previous ones, would hold the secret of freedom and happiness, and he and Siela would finally be reunited. Azrail itself had a vision of the concept as well, and believed that the survival of the fittest would make the new world a fair place.

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