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Chaos Legion Wiki name is a collaborative website about both the 2003 third-person hack and slash Capcom game Chaos Legion and the novels it's based on that anyone can edit. Gathering information on this series is no easy task, so do help out if possible!

PS: If you possess the knowledge and will to translate this site, send a message to the administrator. Most of the information on the novel series are based on the translations of Indonesian blogger DevilHunter Kurosaki

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Siegcir Victorcir Sielacir Arciacir Azrailcir
Sieg Delacroix Siela Arcia Azrail


Guiltcir Malicecir Blasphemycir Arrogancecir Flawedcir Hatredcir Thanatoscir
Sword Arrow Bomb Shield Claw Power Ultimate

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The age of chaos, or era of independence and self arbitration, is an "idealized freedom" concept found on the Chaos Legion series, which can be interpreted in several ways. It is notably the life objective of Victor Delacroix and, in the past, of Sieg Wahrheit.

The basic principle behind the utopia that Delacroix was trying to build was that free will was sacred, and no single ruler should dictate the freedoms and limitations of all people. Together with Sieg and Siela, Victor attempted to build his utopia of independence, but his ideals would be perverted by the darkness of Azrail. Blinded by the sorrow and...Read More

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Shovel Sieg holds the Saintly Sword Indulgencia, as seen in the official illustrations of the novels. 

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