Sacred events are events listed on the Chaos Legion novels.

List of sacred events Edit

  • Year 001 - The first of sacred events was brought about in the continent of Arcana during St. Clematis’ generation.
  • Year 008 - The death of St. Clematis’ generation. 280 secrets of sacred events were passed down from seven sacred master families, the Order of St. Overia was founded.
  • Year 028 - The completion of the last tower of St. Claire's Cathedral, a cathedral designed by St. Clematis.
  • Year 029 - The start of the Sacred Law Agency around the Order of St. Overia. The "Sacred King" system was founded during St. Clematis’ generation, the sacred city of Rotarl which had been built around St. Claire’s Cathedral was named as the capital city.
  • Year 165 - The Sacred Law Agency's "Great Sacred Law Code" had traveled to the whole land of Arcana.
  • Year 167 - The maintenance for the main road in the whole land of Arcana was ended.
  • Year 170 - The development of large roads that connect six large granaries in Arcana was ended. All of them were connected in Rotarl. The tax system is unified, the Sacred Law Agency became the sovereign of the nation in both name and reality.
  • Year 770 - The successor for Lacroix church, Victor Delacroix, is born.
  • Year 771 - In a frontier city of northern continent, Sieg is born.
  • Year 772 - The beginning of a mutiny toward Sacred Law Agency in northern continent, seven frontier cities collapsed. Sieg, rescued by the hands of refugees, left the city.
  • Year 773 - The Lacroix church, due to its meritorious service in suppressing mutiny, receives possession of the new northern territory. Some of the refugees from the destroyed cities settled down in the canyon of Gounod.
  • Year 784: June - The successor for Lacroix, Victor Delacroix, fights as a Sacred Knight cadet for the first time at fifteen years of age.
  • Year 784: July - Sieg of Gounod Canyon fights as a gladiator for the first time at thirteen years of age.
  • Year 786: February - Victor Delacroix officially became a member of the Knights of the Church. Among the list of subordinates, the swordsman Sieg's name could be seen.
  • Year 786: December - Maiden of Silver Siela Riviere is appointed as chief healer.
  • Year 794 - A large-scale mutiny toward the Sacred Law Agency spread through the whole land of Arcana.
  • Year 795 - The Sacred Law Agency's "Sacred King" system was effectively abolished.