Siela Riviere
Naming & Titles
Meaning Lithuanian
  • Siela = Soul
  • Riviere = River
  • Titles Maiden of Silver
    Chief Healer
    Personal Information
    Race Human
    Gender Female
    Homeworld Middle world
    Affiliation Azrail
    Order of St. Overia (former)
    Relations Victor Delacroix (lover)
    Sieg Wahrheit (friend)
    Current status Deceased
    Behind the Scenes
    Japanese voice actor Yumiko Miyada
    English voice actor Rebecca Riedy
    Theme song Now I See
    "Sieg, you must live... and please take care of Delacroix in my place..."
    —Siela Riviere to Sieg Wahrheit.

    Prior to her death, Siela Riviere was a healer in the Order of St. Overia. She was bestfriends with, and teammate of both Sieg and Victor; the latter was also her lover. She died three years prior to the events of Chaos Legion, and it was her death that fueled Victor's avocation on unleashing the God of Chaos to "cleanse" the Three Plains of Existance and punish Sieg for his "sins", believing him to be the cause of her death.


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