Soul is a game mechanic in Chaos Legion, equal to "magic" and "mana" in classical RPG.

Soul Points (or SP ) are the representation of the Soul Bar that Sieg Wahrheit possesses, and are used in the summoning of his diverse legions of chaos. It is used both to perform the legions' special attacks and to summon legionnaires for support.

Soul recovery Edit

Phantom Soul

Phantom Soul as it is earned in the game.

SP can be obtained by striking enemies (known as Phantom Soul, appearing in the form of blue projectiles) - the amount of soul recovered varying by the number of hits - and by using special items, listed below:

  • Soul Recovery Gem S: A sapphire gem that recovers 300 SP. One gem can repair a shattered crest.
  • Soul Recovery Gem L: A sapphire gem that restores SP to the maximum.
  • Soul Max Up S: A sapphire gem that permanently boosts maximum SP by 100; total of nine pieces acquired.
  • Soul Max Up L: A sapphire gem that permanently boosts maximum SP by 300; only one piece can be acquired.

Trivia Edit

  • The maximum Recovery Gems (Life and Soul) you can carry depends on the game difficulty. In easy mode, you can carry nine S Recovery Gems and three L Gems each. Each increment in difficulty cuts the maximum amount of S Recovery Gems by 3 and L Gems by 1. In hard mode, you can only have three S Recovery Gems and one L Recovery Gem.
  • Arcia Rinslet has no access to an SP bar, instead having the unique Fire Gauge.

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