ITM 23
Thanatos Chips are collected to unlock the Thanatos Legion. You can collect these chips in game by solving hidden puzzles, searching random but difficult places and completing stages. There is a total of 9 Chips to collect.


Stage 2: In Scene Two, the camera will focus in on the first Thanatos chip. Once you collect this chip the Third Scene will begin.

Stage 3: When you enter Scene Three, the camera will focus in on the second Thanatos chip on the left corner of the battle field. I recommend you to retrieve the chip after you defeat all monsters or else you'll get a nasty surprise.

Stage 4: This chip will appear once you clear the area. It's impossible to miss.

Stage 5: You can find this chip in Scene Three.  After retrieving this chip, three Galarge will spawn.

Thanatos chip location

Stage 5 Thanatos Chip

Stage 6: You’ll find this chip at the beginning of the game on the highest point of the land. There will be a monster on top of the platform. It’ll either be a Egan on side a or a Jenon (side b). Beware when you approach these monsters as they’ll spawn more monsters for you to deal with. You can only get this chip when enemies are around so kill it first before you continue with stage.

Stage 7:

Stage 8:

Stage 10:

Stage 11: