Victor Delacroix
Naming & Titles
Meaning French
  • Victor = Champion
  • De = Of
  • La = The
  • Croix = Cross
  • Kanji/Kana ヴィクトール・ドラクロワ
    Romanization Vu~ikutōru dorakurowa
    Titles Knight of the Dark Glyphs
    Personal Information
    Race Human
    Gender Male
    Homeworld Middle world
    Affiliation Azrail
    Order of St. Overia (former)
    Gear Longsword
    Three Sacred Glyphs
    Relations Siela Riviere (lover)
    Sieg Wahrheit (friend)
    Current status Deceased
    Behind the Scenes
    Japanese voice actor Jūrōta Kosugi
    "My dream hasn't been lost. Taste this thunder of death brought by the Apocrypha... I’m going to show you reality... Sieg."
    —Victor Delacroix in Chaos Legion's preface, page F.

    Victor Delacroix is a main character on the Chaos Legion novel series, and Sieg Wahrheit's former friend.

    History Edit

    Prior to the series Edit

    He was born in year 770, as the successor of the Delacroix family's Church of Lacroix. He joined the Order of St. Overia as Sieg's superior officer, and the two became friends.

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